Recommendations for the application of filtration device - Perfit

Filtration on a vorticular vacuum filters is , in industrial conditions, a complex technological operation that requires proper selection of  filtration appliance and the proper conduct of the process.

In order to provide our customers with maximum technical support during implementation, extra filtration appliance (Perfit) Termika AD Zrenjanin has formed a team of experts who deal with these issues.

With years of experience, a member of the team mr. Istvan Olajoš, sets the basic recommendations for the implementation of the filtration means that you can read here ( Recommendations for the implementation of Perfit during filtration in a vorticular vacuum filter).

For more information and advices, depending on the equipment you use, the support team thermals AD Zrenjanin is at your disposal. 

Recertification audit in 2013.

              On Tuesday 03.12.2013. Termika AD has successfully passed recertification audit of ISO system 9001:2008.


Business education Webiz 2.0

As part of the delegation “Keramika Jovanović” Termika  AD attended the Webiz 2.0 - Conference on business use of the Internet.                             


The measurement of particle size using laser light diffraction

Starting from 2014. “Termika a.d.” Zrenjanin with backup from Institute of tehnical sciences of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences will be performing quality control of its products, with extra filtration means (Perfit-a) using laser light diffraction.

Particle size analysis can be performed using an apparatus Mastersizer2000 of company Malvern Instruments. Optical system Mastersizer2000 (optical bench) is the first device of this type which can continuously detect the diffracted light from 0.01° to 130°. This system may be characterized in a particle size distribution of a wide range of  0.02 µm to 2000 µm, without further changing lenses and additional processing results. For each of the Perfit's analysis of a composite sample of a production cycle, customers are enabled accurate record of particle size distribution supplied their filtration means.

Details about the device can be viewed at


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