Aluminosilicate materials of volcanic origin is treated thermally at a high temperature where its expands and increases its volume. The resulting material is called the expanded perlite. The grinding process is carried out according to grain size particle sizing requirements. The resultant filtration material called Perfit.

Manufacturing company: Termika DOO, Zrenjanin, Serbia

Product type: 100% grinded expanded perlite

Product: Factory prepared filter and material

Product code: 6801018

Name of product: Perfit PF 225


It is used as an auxiliary means of filtration in :

- The food industry for coarse filtration of edible oils, wine, beer, fruit juice, starch and sugar syrups, sugars, vegetable and animal fats, citric acid, vinegar, gelatin ...

- Chemical industry (filtering and color varnishes, liquid glass, biodiesel, various chemicals, liquids more viscous ...)

- Filtration of water (water for swimming pools, bottled water, storm water treatment and wastewater treatment ...)

- In the pharmaceutical industry (production of drugs, antibiotics and the physiological solution ...)