Lightweight concrete SUPERBET 1

Manufacturing company: Termika DOO, Zrenjanin, Serbia

Type of the product: Thermal insulation materials

Product: Perlite concrete

Product composition: Expanded perlite, cement, additives

Code of the product: 6801008

Name of product: SUPERBET 1

Usage of SUPERBET 1

SUPERBET 1 is applied to the places where an extremely good insulation is needed. This prepared, the surface is ready for the installation of the final floor covering. If the concrete is installed on a flat roof, it is compulsively that from the upper hand, is protected by waterproofing insulation.

Preparation of the substrate

The surface must be clean, free of dust and grease. At the same time, it must be enough sufficient capacity to accommodate the load of the superstructure. The substrate must protect perlite concrete from moisture from the soil. This means that applications for ground floor space below insulation layers must contain a waterproof layer. If the surface is porous material, it must be wet before placing concrete.

Preparation of SUPERBET 1

Beg of Superbet 1 has been put in 100L blender stir into dry for about 1 minute and then we put 10-12 liters of water and stir for 4-5 minutes. The result of mixing the light weight foam concrete.

Installation of SUPERBET 1

Installation is done by spreading the concrete mass and smoothing with metal rails in the direction of the pre-prepared slides. Due to the possible occurrence of a temperature spread of hardened concrete, it is given the opportunity to the perimeter of the room leaving dilatation groove. In order to improve the adhesion is permitted, before applying the concrete, the surface smear grout.

Nursing of SUPERBET 1

After the concrete mass is foamy and soft, it must be protected 7 days against mechanical loads and rapid drying. Rapidly drying can be prevented by eliminating drafts in the concrete area, darkening the windows and external doors, covering the fresh concrete with nylon foil etc. It is also recommended that during the calum concrete dewy with water.

Installation conditions:

Temperature between +5C i +30C

When preparing SUPERBET-1 in the mixer pour the entire number of bags, and do not add anything except water.