Manufacturing company: Termika DOO, Zrenjanin, Serbia

Type of the product: Thermal insulation materials

Product: Perlite mortar

Product composition: Expanded perlite, cement, additives, whitewash

Code of the product: 6801040

Name of the product: SUPERMAL

Preparation substrate for plastering

According to the norms and standards of construction, preparation of the substrate is an action that precedes plastering with the aim of providing better adhesion of mortar. The walls of brick or block must be clean, with no backlog of dust or grease on them. Joints must be clean and free of excess mortar. The walls of the concrete must be free of all debris and shell elements of its bonding (wire), free of dust and grease. Over every wall construction should be applied rough syringe seedling (units A fraction). This layer must have enough strength and texture that could achieve lasting strong bond of mortar to the surface. It should have in mind that the syringe must be installed before plastering and after installation should be fostered. For the installation of plaster over aerated concrete blocks shall comply with the manufacturer's recommendations of aerated concrete blocks.


a mortar which is applied in one layer to maximum thickness of 10 cm. Packed in paper bags which contents 15kg per bag. This amount is sufficient for plastering 0,85 do 1 m² at a thickness of 4 cm. It is important to mention that when installing Supermal on the surface, just before the plaster, is applied syringe on which while still wet mortar puts on.

Preparation of Supermal

All of the content in the bags of Supermal has been put in 100l blender stir into dry for about 1 minute and then we put 13-15 liters of water. The amount of water is well defined if we after 2-3 minutes of mixing get homogeneous, foamy mass. Do not mix longer than the prescribed time.

Installation of the Supermal

Prepare the surface, to be plastered, using the instructions for the preparation of surfaces for plastering. The surface must be wet. If the wall is not enough wet there is a risk that of the "burning " mortar, and that the same would go to waste. On the surface to be plastered set the guides desired thickness of the plastered layer.The guides can be made of wood or metal. Prepare syringe plastering „TERMIKA špric“, using the instructions for the preparation of the syringe which are printed on the bag. It would be good to mention that by using „TERMIKA špric“ get open time up to 10 times longer (open time about 2 minutes). If you decide to do it yourself prepare the syringe by using the following recipe: 3 liters of lime + 3 liters of cement + 6 - 7 liters of water. Prepared syringes are used on a soaked wall surface, and while it is still wet it takes mortar 1 cm thick set of guides. If on the wall syringe loses luster it is recommended to stop with the mortar spraying, and install a new syringe over that dry, and then proceed with the plastering. When you fill in the fields between the two guides excess mortar above the guide rail is cut with a metal trowel and you that by reling on the guides at an angle of 45 ° and pull from the bottom up. It is recommended to render every other field between the guides. Fields that are first plastered, after removal of the guide, serve as guides for omitted fields. When plastering omitted field it is important to throw the syringe and on the sides already plastered the boxes.

The goods are being transported in sealed closed vehicles.

The product is delivered twice enveloped with transparent foil on wooden pallets (30 bags per pallet).

The product can also be supplied in bulk.

The bags are stored in a covered and dry place at a temperature above 0 ° C to a height of 2m