Termika DOO Zrenjanin is only manufacture of perlite in Republic of Serbia. Engaged in manufacturing and trading of materials based on expanded perlite, expanded milled perlite and dry milled perlite insulating compound for use in industry, construction and agriculture. Long experience of over 50 years has made it a leading producer of this material in the region.

History of the company

The beginings of the company are linked to 1957 when is established R.O. “Izolater” with basic activity of making and installation of thermal isolation. That small organization, with only five workers and small starting bankroll, in the beginings of 1960’s grows to R.O. “Izoterma” with 140 employes. After three years it was company with significant bankroll and ownership over three hectares of land, situated in industrial zone of city of Zrenjanin and it is location where company sits today.

Entering the first integration between the republics in 1963. with company “Termika” from Ljubljana has been created, on high production and tehnical level, strong collective on the field of thermic insolation and installation works. The proofs for that are tenths of capital projects and objects in region of former Yugoslavia and in West Europe and Asia, because this collective has been working on their construction.

In year of 1965. starts first “groundbreaking trials” of expansion of perlite, new isolation material on area of former Yugoslavia. Form those days also begins to develop history of expansion of perlite in “Termika”. Perennial commitment to the issue of professional people of Zrenjanin branch collectives has resulted in the first furnace for expanding perlite. Manufactured expanded perlite found his only application in the construction industry as insulation material. Due to the constant increase in demand in 1974. was introduced a new furnace for expansion of perlite.

Along with the development of the sales and marketing departments have done further research in order to find new applications of these materials. M.S.C. “Bor” ( M.S.C. stands for Mining and Smelting Complex ) in 1979. for the first time in O.O.U.R “Perlit” Zrenjanin has been produced cryogenic perlite, material for thermal insolution of tehnical gasses which are produced, transported and stored in very low temperatures. That was only the beginning of expanding of the range of products based on expanded perlite. Six years later, the company expanded its its production program with dry mixed pearlite concretes. In that time, this is was huge innovation on the market of construction materials.

In 1989. at that time O.O.U.R “Perlit” Zrenjanin stands out from the composition of R.O. “Termika” Ljubljana and continuous its work on its own as state enterprise. Since 1991. there is a perform the changes in the organization of social enterprise into a joint stock company under the name D.D. “Termika” and under that name works until 1998. when the reconciliation with the provisions of the Corporations organized as “Termika” A.D Zrenjanin.

In the early nineties of the last century recognized the trend of increasing use of extra filtering means based on perlite and diatomaceous earth, by foreign production, in local food and chemical industry. It was a good opportunity to expand production program. Since 1992. begins production at new plant, milled expanded perlite ( Perfit ). Industrial program initially consisted of two products, to rapidly spread to six Perfit different characteristics, specialized in the targeted application.

Production of materials for the protection of the facade was initiated in 1994. and a few years later has been started production of non-perlite construction mix - tile adhesive.

Purchase of shares of the substantial number of small shareholders 2014. at that time “Jovanović” D.O.O from Zrenjanin and current “Keramika Jovanović” D.O.O from Zrenjanin becomes majority owner of “Termika” A.D Zrenjanin.

Since then “Termika” A.D Zrenjanin which comprised a series of six entities related based on the same majority owner, and they are: „Keramika Jovanović” D.O.O Zrenjanin, IGM D.O.O Zrenjanin, “Termika” A.D Zrenjanin, „Tehnogradnja“ A.D Zrenjanin, „Ogrev“ A.D Zrenjanin and „Kristal“ A.D Novi Sad.

Termika doo Zrenjanin today

"Termika” DOO Zrenjanin engaged in the production and circulation of materials based on expanded perlite, expanded dry milled perlite and dry milled perlite insulating compound for use in industry, construction and agriculture. It represents the only producer of perlite in the Republic of Serbia, and long experience of more than 50 years has made it a leading manufacturer of this material in the region.

A team of highly qualified rejuvenated staff and professionals with extensive experience, leads the principles of business ethics and strives to achieve sustainable and long-term progress.

Realizing the quality of business processes as the most important factor of competitiveness and success in the market, always and fully meeting the requirements of customers, striving to ensure their trust and satisfaction with the quality of the product. The fruit of these aspirations is a production program complies with current European and international standards.

In addition to many years of cooperation with prestigious customers, as evidenced by a rich book references evidence of commitment to these objectives are ISO 9001/2015 certificate and Kosher certificate for industrial program that has.

To what we strive to?

Improvement of production processes, the introduction of new parameters of quality and modernization of equipment, maintaining trust of customers by providing support in applying the product daily mission staff of “Termika” DOO

In this way, as well as its professional staff, investing in the development and discovery of new practical applications of perlite, continues decades-long tradition of good performance of previous generations.

According to the ecological nature of expanded perlite and company policies to protect the environment is committed to continuous investment in this area.

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