Thermal insulation

THERMAL INSULATION - The general trend in the construction industry in the world is to use natural, environmentally friendly materials, and Perlite as such found wide application.

THERMAL INSULATION – Perlite – natural alum-silicate material of vulcanic origin

Expansion at high temperatures obtained material with excellent thermal characteristics, very stable, in time does not lose its characteristics as other thermal insulation materials and withstands high temperatures (over 1000 C).

As such, it is used for:

- Thermal insulation of walls
  * For manufacturingof thermal mortar for thermal insulation of facades.
  * Perlite is used as filler in making sandwich walls
  * Thermal insulation of walls – dry instalation – blowing in ( as filler )
  * Making barriers and doors which can stand for fire
- Insulation of floors and ceilings
  * To create a thermal lightweight concrete.
  * To create a dry screed
  * To create layers to fall on flat roofs
- Thermal insulation of the chimney and chimney systems

- For production of factitious stone

- For thermal insulation brick kilns and dryers